Guest Blog: Brisbane Broncos’ Alex Glenn on the Next-Gen Mazda3 Launch

April 26, 2019

We invited Grand Prix Mazda Aspley Ambassador and Brisbane Broncos player Alex Glenn to come along to the launch of the Next Generation Mazda3 at the dealership. We’re so proud to have an ambassador that shares the same beliefs as us and is involved in our community. We asked Alex about his experience at Grand Prix Mazda Aspley and what he was most excited for in the Next-Gen Mazda3.

My relationship with Grand Prix Mazda Aspley is very similar to the relationship I have with the Brisbane Broncos – at the club, we only want the best, and we only want hard workers, but most of all, we’re a family. When it comes down to it, the main reason me and the Grand Prix Mazda Aspley team get along really well is because of that family culture. When I come in and see everyone at I feel always feel welcome – everyone’s got a smile on their face and is happy to see you. That’s probably because Grand Prix Mazda Aspley doesn’t really feel like a dealership. It’s more like a community.

I’ve been with Grand Prix Mazda Aspley for a long time now, and I’m always excited to see all the changes in their journey – especially how the cars are becoming more intelligent. The Mazda3 launch had me especially excited. I had the pleasure of hosting the event and was amazed at the awesome advancements that have gone into the engineering and design of this Next Generation of Mazda3s. Grand Prix Mazda Aspley has always been a step ahead of everyone else, which is why I was honored to be involved. It excites me to see new launches of models in the Mazda range, because from experience, I know it’s only going to get better and better.

Grand Prix Mazda Aspley’s family culture was really pumping on the launch night. The Grand Prix Mazda Aspley family are so passionate about their community and what they do, so the launch of the Next Generation Mazda3 was a great opportunity for me and their community see them doing what they do best. The Mazda3 really does sell itself – I was blown away by the new design and technology advancements, and I know everyone else was too.

If you did miss the Mazda3 launch night, drop a line to my mates at Grand Prix Mazda Aspley and let them know you’d like to take your new Mazda3 for a test drive. They’d be more than happy to show you the ropes.

– Alex Glenn